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It’s time to evolve.


Hello winefriend!

We drink together every week and now you can grow with me. I’ve been searching for the right partnership for a long time and then Direct Cellars (DC) knocked on BGW’s door!

As my pallet changes I know that you want to evolve with me. Now we can take our friendship on this wine journey to the next level. It’s time to evolve.

Become a VIP customer with Black Girls Wine and experience varietals from around the world delivered right to your door.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. An international wine experience. Get to know our club and all the perks down below. I can’t wait to drink with you.

Shayla Varnado, Founder

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Red or white or a mix of both!

Our DC partners take pride in themselves for exploring many great wines, selecting the best, and educating wine lovers.

Each month, the DC experts select superior wines from vineyards around the globe.

Each selection is accompanied by the connoisseur’s wine tasting notes, detailing the rich history behind each wine and what makes it special.

The goal is to help you fill your cellar with wine you love, wine that you are confident about, that you are proud of and most importantly, wine that you are excited to share with your friends.

Here’s how it works!

Each month you will receive 2, 4, or 6 hand picked bottles of premium wine not found anywhere else. You can select all red or all white or a mix of both.

• Explore new wines every month
• Discover a new favorite for every occasion
• Enjoy them with friends and family

2 premium wines per month $49.95

4 premium wines per month $79.95

6 premium wines per month $99.95

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What’s different about this wine club?

1) You get to drink wine sourced from around the world

2) Your subscription = the cost of a premium wine itself

3) You save money when you want to reorder a wine you love

4) You’ll be evolving your pallet with us!

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