Wine Down LIVE replay: Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon

This week’s episode of Wine Down Live was so much fun! We had more live views than ever before and I’m so happy because I got to share wine made by a Black woman! Brenae Royal is the vineyard manager of Monte Rossi vineyards and is doing a phenomenal job! Check out the deets and catch the replay below 💁🏾‍♀️🍷✨

Wine: Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon

Pickup Location: Libbie’s Market

Price: $44

Rating: 10

Reigning Title: The Girlfriends Wine (Pros Only)

Wine Down Live Recap: Buttercream Chardonnay

This week I reviewed another tasty varietal that caught me completely by surprise! You’ve got to catch up on this week’s show!

WINE: Buttercream Chardonnay

Location: Total Wine

Rating: 10

Pairing: popcorn or truffle fries

Have you tried this one? Did you love it? Talk wine to me friends!

Wine Fruit Guide

We drink wine year round so naturally we want to know what tasty fruits go perfect with our favorite beverage so that this summer can be refreshing-- and wine filled! Check out this awesome meme we found with a breakdown of the perfect pairs!  



First up on our list is Pino & Pineapple. Have you tried any of these combos? Which one is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments!

Happy Winesday! 

Everyday Wines: A Table White Worth mentioning

There's something breathtakingly refreshing when you find the perfect pairing for your McDonald's Southwest Chicken Salad. Cooking was not an option for my Monday. 

I strolled through the grocery store a few weeks ago and decided I needed a good serving wine to keep at the house. When I first saw the DuPlin table white I wasn't sure I would be a fan but I know my guest usually have a much lighter palette than mine so in the basket it went.

At first sip I must say that I was delightful impressed. It wasn't too sweet and was deliciously smooth and light on the tongue. It's a must try the next time you're entertaining guest but it was limited so head to your local grocery tomorrow and snag one for the holidays!