Lot 35 red

Summer Wine Series: 3 Wines We Couldn't Live Without #AllSummer16

This summer has been one the hottest that Virginia has seen in a long while! With the heat index reaching days so hot that we could barely keep our cool, having a great wine in hand to indulge was a must! Summer time brings out our cravings for fruity favorites and anything that makes cheese taste even better. (Is that possible you ask?- YES it is!) 

Here's what we simply couldn't live without to help tolerate the summer heat! 

1) Lambrusco

There's yet to be brand of this that I don't like but my favorite is Riunite. This fruity-red, Italian wine is slightly sparkling and designed to be drunk young. Think of a Sweet Red blend meeting a drop of champagne and making love-- that's Lambrusco.  SERVING TIP: Pair this with a lightly seasoned grilled chicken breast and broccoli to really let the flavors shine.  It also pairs great with fried Oreos (yes we tried it!) 

2) Table White

Contrary to popular belief table wines are not cheap wines. They are usually blends of many of your favorites and often heavier in alcohol volume. We tried a phenomenal one from Wine Shop at home during a wine tasting for the blog-- I was floored! It wasn't too fruity or sweet. It is actually the perfect white blend of grapefruit, lime, and lemon with white floral fragrances. SERVING TIP: Table White pairs perfectly with cheddar or swiss cheese to balance out the sweet blend. A rich green salad would accompany the soft round body of this wine as well. 

3) Lot 35

This one was another favorite of mine from Wine Shop at home. It's a dry red wine with flavors of blackberry and black currant that pairs so perfectly with Havarti cheese that I believe Jesus designed the two just for me (and your of course). The black pepper and toasted oak flavors  create a decadent dance on the tongue when sipped right after that bit of Havarti. SERVING TIP: Let this wine breathe for a few hours in your decanter before serving and it is sure to be a hit! 

Lambrusco is a good serving wine to keep stocked just in case company drops by. Lot 35 and the Table White are good newbies to add in rotation you're sure to love. What wines have you tried lately? Talk to us in the comments! We want to try it with you.