The Sip Files: Grocery Store Wine Rules

The wine experts will have you convinced that grocery store wine is the absolute worse thing you can buy. While there's nothing comparable to a vineyard wine selected by the winemaker himself there are grocery store wines out there that are totally yummy and perfect for a long day after work. Here's how to find the perfect wine at your local grocery store. 

1) Choose a store that has a large variety in the wine department

You're less likely to get stuck with a dud if you have more options to research and carefully select from.

2) Check your local wines first

They are more likely to have less chemicals and be more pure in taste. Not to mention you'll be supporting your local winemaker which is always a plus!

3) Try the familiar first

Before you start grabbing bottles make sure when you're trying a new brand that you try your favorites from that brand first. This will help you get a feel for how they make what you love and make you more confident in what they have to offer. 

These are just a few tips to get you started. All wines were not created equal and neither were out pallets so try it all... Or just wait for our review!


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