Wine Down Comedy with Dawn Melissa!

There is no other way to describe Dawn Melissa than a must-have indulgence! We spotted this New Jersey native on our Instagram, clicked the link in her bio and absolutely fell in love! Now we're bringing Season 3 of 'Come Wine With Me' to the Black Girls Wine blog! From her comedic expressions to bold opinions we welcome this beauty and every ounce of her black girl magic to our world. 

Dive in to this quick interview with this bronze bombshell and get caught up on her latest videos as we prepare for Season 3 coming this Christmas!

When did you fall in love with wine? 

I was never really into drinking chocolate milk or even plain milk. Something about milk has always grossed me out. But I've always seen milk as a symbol of comfort or home. It's what parents give children after a long day at school or to soothe them after a bad nightmare. But the taste of milk, even with chocolate mixed into it, was never appealing to me. Yet I wanted to be comforted after a long day at work and soothed after a nightmare. I needed to find an alternative to milk that would give me the same sense of security and comfort. That's where wine came in. From the very first time I had my first sip of Shiraz I knew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And that everything was going to be OK. 

What is your favorite white? Red?

My favorite white wine is called Ortrugo. It's the most delicious white wine I've ever tasted. 

My favorite red wine varies depending on my mood. If I just want an easy drinking, "everyday wine" then I'd have to say that my favorite red would be Gutturnio Superiore. 

What's your favorite way to gift wine?

I think the best way to gift wine is to offer a wine tasting experience. You get to try different wine selections and suggest food pairings. 

What do you love most about your Black Girl Magic? 

I love that my Black Girl Magic is constantly reminding me that I was not meant to blend in and be like everyone else, but rather I was born to stand out. That can be challenging because people like us are forced to stay creative and find innovative ways to express ourselves, however, it's always worth it to know that in the end we are the trendsetters and influencers - not the other way around.  

Tell us more about you!

I'm a freelance video editor and actress originally from Newark, New Jersey. I studied Film and TV production at New York University. I've lived in New York, Los Angeles and currently reside in London where, after completing my Masters Degree in Media Communication, I spend my time writing, traveling and creating original content on Youtube. 

SEASON 3 is coming soon! Now check out a few of our fave videos from last season below! Watch more from Dawn Melissa here and follow her everywhere at @Dawn_Melissa.