The Sip Files: Boxed Wine?

I come from a lineage of women who wine. My mother, her mother, and her mother before her would indulge in a glass when they could; each generation pouring up more often than the next as the price of wine became more affordable and the ‘occasions’ for wine went from weddings and birthdays to well…Wednesday. 

As my tastes matured, I deemed myself a true lady. “I only drink wine out of a glass and always, always from a bottle.”

Imagine what this looks like when you go home to find your mother’s box of wine looking like reject drink on the kitchen counter; Plastic cups on top for effect. 

To be fair: back in the day boxed wine had a bad rep. It came in ‘red’ and ‘white’. You could taste the struggle. 

But what if our mothers knew something we didn’t (as they always do)?

I went on a cork-free diet and discovered delicious brands that come boxed! Thank you R. Muller for a crisp Riesling, and a fresh pour each time, every time. Cause let’s face it, boxed = more wine! 

Now that we’re wiser and some of us are mother’s ourselves, we realize the secret to ‘good’ wine is the ability to pour it up at leisure, with family and good friends when possible. 

And Mom, thank you for teaching me to think, outside the bottle!

What's your favorite boxed wine? Talk to us in the comments!

Wine & Well Wishes, 

Jonnie Enriquez