After countless girls nights, indulging in the richest experiences, and sipping decadence from the dreamiest of places, Shayla Varnado decided it was time to bring Black Girl Magic alive in the world of wine. 



Black Girls Wine is more than a catchy phrase. It's a lifestyle. 

Created to celebrate the black woman and her love for wine, decadence, and rich experiences at once. 

Black Girls Wine is more than just a pretty brand. It's a being. 

A movement curated to combine two worlds that have been apart far too long. After all chocolate pairs with wine to create such a sweet & memorable experience.

Black Girls Wine is more than just wine. It's the perfect pairing. 

From our apparel to the wine itself, it is never just about what you're sipping. It's about celebrating a woman, honoring traditions, indulging in pleasures, and you --being simply amazing. 


About the Founder

About the Founder

Shayla Varnado is the woman behind the glass. After thoroughly enjoying her twenties, Shayla decided that there had to be more to experience, more to enjoy, and more to share for women who desire luxury in every day living. Whether it's having a glass of wine with girlfriends, relaxing after work, or simply toasting to success there must be a place where both the woman and her passions are celebrated. After an unsuccessful hunt for something fabulous that celebrated her love for wine and connecting with other successful women she decided to create a space that would educate and inspire black women around the world. 


Black Girls Wine Press

I created a platform that brings wine to black women in a way that they can connect, engage, learn, and experience a chic wine lifestyle.
— Shayla Varnado to Benita Johnson of The VINE Networks

This video features a recap of the very lively Twitter interview with our founder Shayla Varnado. Shayla takes on Jessyca's questions and provides engaging, thoughtful, responses that really made the crowd go wild!

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